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Sunday, August 01, 2010

What is the Relationship Between Graphic Design and Web Design

"A lot of people view web design as primarily a graphic discipline. It is not. Web design is a broader than simply making good-looking graphics. I’ll start by examining what design is. I will then put graphic design in that context, and finally describe the broader web design discipline."

Some good thinking about the difference between graphic design and web design.

Graphic design is the creation of new solutions to problems within the medium of visual communication, either in 2D or 3D, on paper or digitally. The output is usually something that can be reproduced in order to deliver its objective many times.
Graphic design output includes logos, web site user interfaces, tattoos, sketches for fashion or industrial design, typefaces, print, animated characters, advertisements, flyers, movie credits, newspaper headlines, and designs for textiles. This is just a small part of what can be designed graphically. What they have in common is output that will be consumed through visual media. Web design is the creation of a new solution to a problem in the web medium. It includes graphic design, because the output will be consumed through a visual medium. But it goes further than the purely visual. It stretches to incorporate every aspect of a web experience.
Good answer. As far as I know, most web designers are graphic designers too, but not all graphic designers are web designers.

Atleast not with the last firm that I hired (Lavia Design or www.lavia.com)... I wrote a review for them here:

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